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-Fashion Design
-Flat Pattern Making
-Textile Design
-Tech Packs
-Adobe Illustrator
-Adobe Photoshop
-Adobe Indesign
-Editorial and Styling
-Creative Direction
-Hand Illustration

Conrad Andersen is a fashion designer and multimedia professional, with a BA in Fashion Design from University of Westminster, Barcelona, Spain; with a focus on women's wear. Conrad creates visually complex looks with a fresh approach to artisanal and digital printing. Conrad has a diverse skill-set with specialties in: 2D/3D pattern making, digital textile design, and graphics. Conrad has experience with commercial and luxury fashion working with designers overseas in Europe and the United States—with work featured in Paris/Copenhagen fashion weeks.  Conrad is currently based in Los Angeles, and is the head designer for an Australian street-wear brand, with operations in Los Angeles, California.

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